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hex_appeal's Journal

Ginny Weasley
20 May
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As the only Weasley girl I am obligated, by blood, to behave myself in a manner which befits my family name. (mum's orders)

As Ginny, I prefer setting off dungbombs in the Burrow and blaming one of my brothers. I also like helping Fred and George with "The Weasley's Wizard Wheezes" (now open for business in Diagon Alley!) I'm a poor Exploding Snap player, but I bet I could whip you at Gobstones. (it comes of having six brothers, they all think it's hilarious good fun.)

I'm back for the summer, because mum said I was getting in the way. I've mostly been enjoying myself in the common room, studying for my upcoming O.W.L.S and helping out with the ruined Quidditch Pitch.

You can usually find some of my mates, like Dean or Hermione hanging around hogwarts_press. If it's my brothers you're looking for, Ron and Bill are here. But good-bloody-luck trying to get their attention, they're a bit preoccupied.

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