Ginny Weasley (hex_appeal) wrote,
Ginny Weasley

Open your eyes, look up to the skies

As most of us will tesify, last night, was...trying. At the very best. Really, it was rather immature. But, I'm glad everything got worked out. (sorry I couldn't stay longer Dean. I wish I could have. That last butterbeer got me feeling a bit peaky.)

As I'm sure it's gotten around school, there's not a lot of point to retelling the entire sordid tale. In short form, the Slytherins thought they'd have a fantastic game of jealousy and revenge, by sending one of their own, masquarading as an honest human being, and making plans to meet each of the girls. Too bad it rather backfired on them, and we're all better friends for going through it. Rather childish, really.

Harry -- Up for some flying, some time soon? or perhaps a game of Gobstones. I've missed you, mate! We really need to talk some more, the Three Broomsticks last night, a little chaotic. It was really nice to talk to you, we really ought to chat more often, maybe another fly sometime soon? (or a walk, if you prefer.) It doesn't matter when, I could use some practice chasing, because let's face it, I'm only a marginally good seeker, anyway.

Dean -- I could use some help with Charms, if you get a chance. Hermione is busy with her own research, and I got from Prof. Flitwick, that you have a fairly good grasp on them. I having the worst time, with some of it. Perhaps we could make plans? Thanks for the help, sorry we couldn't practice longer. It was getting a bit late.
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Actually, Charms is one of my best subjects! Anytime you need help.
all right, sometimes tonight then? I'll meet you in the common room and we can find a place to practice, I'm having a bit of problem with levitating things (sometimes I can, and sometimes I cannot, perhaps it is a problem with my wand movement.) anyway, it is probably not a good idea to send things soaring about in a room full of people, someone might get hurt.
Sounds good. I'll see you later
I'm up for flying!!
Perhaps you and Cho, could have a nice time. I rather wanted to talk with Harry, alone. We have some catching up to do.
Oh, well, fine then. Cho, feel like a fly?
Sure, sounds good to me
Maybe after we're done tomorrow? Bill and I couldn't find you today. But I'd like to go again.
Flying would be great.

Let me know when you would like to go.
I'm free all day, maybe this afternoon? If you're not busy of course, we can always find some time later, if you are.
I'm not busy later this afternoon, we can go then if you want?
absolutely. come and find me whenever you want to go, I'll probably be lingering around the common room, not much to do on Sundays.