Ginny Weasley (hex_appeal) wrote,
Ginny Weasley

Last night's exploding snap was fun, even though, I'm afraid I lost rather miserably. (but it doesn't matter, because Ron is absolutely worthless with Gobstones, so I always win that.) And, I was quite sad about Harry's absence. Doesn't anyone have a clue where he is?

(the last thing I heard was from Malfoy, which means it's probably a good idea to pay no attention to it.)

Sorry I couldn't have more games with Hermione and Cho, it was getting late, and I'd already lost at least twice, to Ron of all people. Perhaps some other time.
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Next time we'll make the boys play together and you can play with us.

And, no, I have noooo idea where Harry is, except seeing him during the day while we are at work, and he's always off partnered with Draco so we never get a chance to talk.
Can I help it if I'm just much better than you are??
Why is it I managed to trounce you the other night then Ron?
Because I have to let you win--you're a girl! But Ginny's my sister.
Mmmhmmm, i think Hermione said you always tell her the same thing. I almost belive you