Ginny Weasley (hex_appeal) wrote,
Ginny Weasley

Apologies for scaring you Bill, I'm not a figment of your imagination.

Mum sent me this afternoon, for some strange reason she seemed rather annoyed with me. Couldn't imagine why, I've only been trying to improve Fred and George's firecrackers, they've got them charmed to spell "poo" which is terribly mundane, I was only trying to get them to say "git" or "slimeball" nearly set the kitchen aflame. She didn't seem to appreciate that now the word "poo" flashes different colors every few seconds. I thought it was rather nice.

Anyway, she's instructed me to "learn something" from Ron while I'm here, she'd rather that I not take after the twins. (so long as I don't take after Percy, I think I'll be quite all right.)

I'm not settled in just yet. Hermione, mind if I bunk with you until I can get things in order? I know they like to keep the years separate, but you'd figure, it's summer, what's the harm?
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Not at all, Ginny. Cho Chang is sleeping in Lavendar's bed at the moment, we thought it would be better for her to stay here than all alone in Ravenclaw.
I heard something about Cho in the dormitory. Don't know her that well I'm afraid, but you're certainly right, it's much better that she stays with us. I can't imagine trying to sleep in a completely empty house. poor girl.
Hi Ginny!

Well, it will be nice having even more company. It stil feels awfully empty around here

Welcome to hell!
er, thanks. I think.

up for some gobstones later?
Well, I think once I can get Bill put to bed, sure!
Gin! You are here. I told that troll, Millie, that I saw you.

Ron tells me I need to be going to bed soon, but I will see you tomorrow and we can talk all about things!